Shroo Allah Ke Naam Se Joh Bara Meherbaan Aur Nihayat Rehem Farmane Wala Hai.



Kaho Ke Main Lougon Ke Parwardigar Ki Panah Maangta Hoon.


Yaani Lougon Ke Haqeeqi Baadshah Ki.


Lougon Ke Maabood-E-Barhaq Ki.


Shaitaan Waswasa Andaaz Ki Buraai Se, Joh Khuda Ka Naam Sun Kar Peeche Hat Jata Hai.


Joh Lougon Ke Diloun Main Waswase Daalta Hai.


Khuah Wo Jinnat Se Ho Ya Insaanoun Main Se.


Originally posted 2014-07-17 17:07:47.

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