About Me

Hello Viewers…!!!

Calming Melody is a multiple task personal blog with various resources information. This blog consist of Knowledge about Islam, Medical Issues, Personal, Social & Physiological issues & much more, I am running multi tasking sites, like cooking and public forums. I care about my viewers and followers. Who want me to present my point of view and info as per my best knowledge.

I am a blogger but as simple as you are. I want to be a part of my viewers friend list and need to be in touch with your views via comments on my posts and knowledge that is shared by me.

I am a multi task women. I do blogging, social working, I word as CEO of my sites myself.  I do fashion designing  of T-shirts, and household items. and alot more. there is a list of my acts which I would like to share with you all like.

my very first experience was this blog. where I started writing articles, stories and poetry.

CaLmInG MeLoDy

then I go for multiple tasking sites like

Urdu Tehzeb

Cooking Forum

Urdu Tehzeb with Google

Islamic Info Blog

Sellling Productus

Logos For Sale (Under Construction)

& alot alot more.

I am running multiple successful pages of different social media sites like fb, insta, google, pintrest , flipboard and many more sites.

I do Logo Designing examples are

I do Animation

Poetry Image Designing


I design Posters & Cards Like

Cooking is my Passion


I do Photography As well

Khewra Salt Mine Pakistan



So viewers I believe nothing is impossible in this world. We just need to do courage and positive acts. We need to start any thing from very first day instead of wasting our time in thinking and thinking. So friends do what you want to do positive and productive. Just chill and relax. Stay happy and keep smiling.


Good Luck…!!!