Difference between a Muslim and a Mo’min

Difference between a Muslim and a Mo’min

Regarding first level(Islam) Almighty Allah says :

Today I have perfected your Din (Religion) for you, and have completed My Blessing upon you, and have chosen for you Islam (as) Din (a complete code of life)…

{Chapter 5 , Surah Al-Maidah Verse 3}


Regarding second level(Iman ) Almighty Allah says :

The Bedouins say: ‘We have believed.’

Say: ‘You have not believed. Yes, rather say: We have accepted Islam.

And the belief has not yet gone into your hearts…

{Chapter 49 , Surah Al Hujurat : Verse 14}


Prophet(peace be upon him) said, as reported by Imam Ahmad, said“Islam is external and Iman is in the heart.” 


For the same reason, the precise scholars have said that “Every Mu`min is a Muslim,” because when Iman becomes settled in the heart of a person, he performs

the conduct required by Islam, as the Prophet(peace be upon him)  said :

“Beware! There is a piece in your body; if it is good, all your body is good; if it is bad, all your body is bad. Beware: it is your heart”

{Sahih Bukhari, Kitab ul Iman & Sahih Muslim, Kitab ul Musaqat, narrated by Sayyiduna Numan bin Bashir.}


Not every Muslim is a Mu`min, however,  Not every Muslim is a Mu`min, however, because his Iman might be weak, in which case his heart is not perfect in its faith, although

he performs some of the acts of Islam.  This was true of the Bedouin, about whom Allah said in the Qur`an “The Bedouin say, ‘We have believed.’  Say: ‘You have not believed,

but rather say, ‘We have submitted.’”  According to the opinion of Ibn ‘Abbas, these persons were not hypocrites, merely persons of weak faith.



Ihsan(The Excellence) & Tasawwuf


Tasawwuf was present at the time of the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) and was known as ‘Ihsan’.Whatever the name, Tasawwuf aims at purifying the Believer’s

heart. Whatever the name, the essence prevails, the more so that no definition can really encompass it. Far from dealing with definitions, Tasawwuf is first and foremost related

to the nature of man and to the spiritual state which man aspires to reach.


Ihsan is the state of observation and comtemplation. The Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)  thus described Ihsan:

“Adore Allah as if you see Him; and if you cannot see Him, be as if He sees you.”


The essential point about worship is that it be done purely for the  sake of Allah. When one cleanses the soul of anything that tarnishes one’s intentions, this person’s knowledge of  Allah will increase. As a consequence, everything else in the world will grow insignificant. Imagine how awestruck the  Prophet(peace be upon him) was when he saw the Angel Gabriel (Jibrll in his true form, his majestic wings filling the horizon. Then imagine worshipping Allah, the Eternal, the Infinite, the Glorious. To worship Allah as if one sees Him is a  characteristic of excellence in worship (ihsan) as the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught. So seeking to impress humans is a pathetic exercise, an  utter waste of time and life, for humanity is in constant and total need of God. If one wants to be close to power  and authority, then do not chase men of position and station. Seek closeness with Allah, the Master of the  universe, the Creator of all things. There is absolutely no power or might except with Him.


Sayyidi Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq declared that: “Tasawwuf is a Science of which the aim is to improve the heart and detach it from earthly desires to such an extent that it channels itself solely towards Allah . Which brings to say that the heart belongs only to Allah.” {Qawaid ut Tasawwuf (Principles of Tasawwuf); Principle no. 13, p: 6, Egypt

.Shaykh Ahmad Zarooq was born in Faas, Morocco in 846 H and died in 899 in Tripoli, Lybia.}

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