Style For Fat Womans

Style For Fat Womans

Healthy Women always worried about their dresses, being healthy in search of this type of cloth which make their nice personality, dress can explain your personalty how much good looking, therefore the choice of dress is very important, not only dress color of only suit is also is matter, which colour will suite with your complexion.
1-Always wear the salwar pant, patiala salwar or churidar pants around your navel as it will tuck in your stomach. Avoid wearing it below the navel as it will give a fat appearance.
2-Colors play a vital role in balancing and camouflaging those extra pounds and enhancing your best assets. Wear dark colors as it will make you look slimmer.
3-Don’t go for designer Indian suits that have a body hugging fit. Tight clothes only add pounds hence making you look hefty.
Go for A-line kurta and churidar suits to hide wide hips.
4-Stripes are in trend this Spring 2013. The slimmer the stripes, more lean you’ll look. Don’t forget to go for vertical stripes and avoid horizontal stripes as it will give a wider looking appearance.
5-Black, saddle brown, navy are few hues that will make you look slim. But saying that, avoid wearing such darker shades on a sultry summer day.
6-Long sleeved designer salwar kameez with a matching dupatta, accentuated with heavy and rich embellishment will be the perfect choice for special occasions.

So, memorize these points when you’re all set for your online shopping spree. Indian suits online collections have numerous varieties and are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Don’t wait anymore and indulge in shopping now!

What Style Suits Fat Womans

The good news for fat woman is that the fashion industry till now obsessed with size zero models is now taking plus size fashion seriously. Clothes for large women can be fashionable too. You only need to know exactly what kind of clothes to wear in order to look stunning. Following tips will explain faty womans how to look gorgious.

1. Long Flowing Dresses: Dresses that don't sit tightly around your flabby parts are good for you. You need to wear clothes that have a flow. A-line dresses that are tight under your bust but straight from there will hide your tummy.If you wear a dress that doesn't taper anywhere on your torso.

2. Tunic: These tops are best to dress for your shape. Since you don't have an hour glass figure, tight or short tops will make you look awkward. Tunics on the other hand will not accentuate flab anywhere on your upper body. They are tight around the bust and neck and loose from there on.
3. Puff sleeves: If you have plump arms then you can't wear sleeveless or very short sleeves. Puff sleeves can hide your fat arms with grace. Go for puff sleeves in kurtas, tunic, saree blouses and even dresses; they are really hot and happening in plus size fashion these days.

4. Salwars: Loose fitting or comfortable salwar pants are better clothes for fat women than churidars. If you have really heavy legs then wear Patiala salwars because it is the kind of clothes for large women that is in. Everyone starting from Kareena Kapoor to Anushka Sharma is sporting them, so why shouldn't you!

What to wear & what not

Pakistani Womans
Plus Size Ladies or Heavy Women dresses should be Shalwar kameez, Long Shirt with Trousers and Long Kameez with Plazo or Palazzo, because Salwar Kameez can cover your fat or plus size therefor it should be the first choice for any function.

All other Womans

1. Black is slimming. Black colour is helpful to build your apperance not to look faty.

When you wear black add a bold camisole and accessories to brighten the outfit. If you are wearing black, a bold lip can also give your look a little oomph.

2. “Fat girls can’t wear bold prints/horizontal stripes because they’ll look fat!” There are a lot of trends and even classic looks that fat women avoid because of this particular rule. In the past, it was difficult to find plus size clothing that was “unflattering,” like horizontal stripes, bold prints, and peplums. Now, it’s relatively easy. ModCloth, Torrid, and Forever21 are all places to find on-trend pieces so you can decide for yourself what is flattering and what isn’t.

It’s important to remember, though, that your clothing doesn’t make you look fat. Being fat makes you look fat, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Skipping out on fun prints isn’t going to change things, so you may as well go ahead and buy that gorgeous leopard print top you love.

3. “Just because it’s in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it!” This rule is just plain mean. If you want to wear a damn crop-top or skinny jeans or any of the other thousand things you are told you can’t have because you’re a fat girl, rock on and buy what you like. At Feminspire, Noor Al-Sibai describes her “forays in the world of belly-baring” as liberating.

“When I wear crop tops (or mini-dresses, or short-shorts, or body-con dresses), I feel sexy, powerful, liberated. I feel like I’m embodying my anti-fatphobic revolution. And that feeling is worth so much more than a few disgruntled glances.” Wear what you love, and don’t worry about what a few jerks who can’t handle a glimpse of belly think about it.
4. You need shapewear.
Let’s be real: Spanx and other shapewear is not comfortable. It is restrictive, sweaty, and feels gross. There may also be some health risks associated with wearing too-tight shapewear, like blood clots, nerve damage, and yeast infections. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little smoothing when you’re wearing a tight-fitting dress, but shapewear shouldn’t be worn as a daily attempt to look thinner.

Most fashion rules are arbitrary and ridiculous, but these take the cake. Fat women shouldn’t have to limit what they wear because a few fashion “experts” don’t find certain clothing appropriate for their bodies. Wear what you love with confidence, and ignore the haters.

5. Boot Cut Jeans: I know that skin tight tapering jeans or jegings are in fashion these days but since you have to follow plus size fashion rules not the latest fashion trends blindly you have to make a compromise. Go for comfort fits and even bottomed jeans called boot cut jeans. You can wear low waist jeans only if you wear a long enough top and that would defeat the purpose; so it is better not go for them.

6. Sarees: Sarees suit all women fat or slim. But don't wear saree like chiffon or jorjet that clings to you. You have to favour cottons, tant or very traditional silk sarees. Don't wear crepe silks as they stick to you and make your bulges obvious. Clothes for fat women form a separate subject of fashion altogether because they are more realistic for the average woman on the street.

7. Colors for Fat womans
fat ladies look better in dark colors . infact the full attire in one single dark color can actually make fat ladies look little less than their actual weight. colours like black dark brown maroon dark green etc suit fat ladies well. also fabric which have fall work better ! so all the curvy ladies flaunt ur physique with light fabrics and dark colors!!!! gud luck!

Navy is good, or a dark burgundy, semi-sweet chocolate, or hunter green. Dark, rich, jewel-like colors go best. In the hottest part of the summer, light-weight pastels are OK, but mostly, good rich dark colors. Remember that black is a power color, rich in symbolism. If that's what you're looking for, by all means wear black. Otherwise, navy will serve the same serious-looking purpose, but not seem so threatening.

I would suggest staying away from bright yellow, orange, or baby blues and pinks.