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Not born with razor sharp cheekbones? No problem.Apply The Follwoing Steps

The Tools

First, there’s 3 things you need:

  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer
  • Contoured angle brush

1. Highlighter

A highlighter is a makeup product in several formulas (powder, liquid, cream) that will bring some kind of light to your face. Whether it’s a liquid illuminator, a powder highlighter, or even a pearly nude eyeshadow; this is a must-have for bringing out your cheekbones.

2. Bronzer

After getting a highlighter product, it’s time to get the “de-highlighter” product, in other words the exact opposite – while the highlighter is meant to highlight the skin, this product is meant to deepen and shade the skin. While there are many products – some made for contouring – I find the most natural looking are bronzers.

3. Contoured Angle Brush

Don’t let these contoured angle brushes scare you! They look kinda weird, no? But this is really needed for sculpting and shading your cheekbones. Here are some of the best I’ve tried, for all budgets

The Steps

Now that you’ve got all your tools, here’s what to do.

  1. Grab your angled contour brush and bronzer. Swirl the brush around in the bronzer powder, say 5 times, and then “tap” the brush on the back of your hand to let any excess powder fall off.
  2. Look straight into the mirror, and suck your cheeks in, Zoolander style (as shown on the right). See those two shadowed lines that are forming? That’s where your bronzer is going. Point your brush on that shadow and gently sweep some color there, and then up in a crescent shape up towards the top of your ear.
  3. Step back and check your work. Suck your cheeks in again; is that line that natural shadow-y area now filled with bronzer? Success! If it’s too light, go over a few more times. And if you’ve overdone it, take some tissue, scrunch it up in a ball, and gently, in circular motions, wipe off the extra bronzer.
  4. Repeat on your other cheek.
  5. Next, grab your highlighter. If it’s a liquid highlighter, squeeze a few drops onto the back of your hand and pat your index and middle finger into it. Make sure to wipe off any excess. If it’s a powder highlighter, grab another blush brush (any is fine) and pat in some product.
  6. Look straight onto the mirror again and apply your highlighter above your bronzer “line”. If you’re using a liquid highlighter, dap a few drops of the product and blend into your skin, if you’re using powder, apply it as you normally would powder products. The point of the highlighter is to “bring out” the cheekbone; while the bronzer was to create some depth. If you don’t know which area I’m talking about, it’s the space that’s right under your eye area, right before your cheeks. Start from the center of your eye and blend until the end of it.
A Few Extra Special Steps

Step 1

Use fingers to dab cream foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone on the center of your forehead and chin, down the bridge of nose, and on cheekbones. Apply a base that’s two shades darker below the cheekbones and jawline, along the sides of the nose, and at the temples.

Step 2

Warm hands by rubbing them together, then press palms against skin to blend foundation. Set with loose powder.

Step 3

Finish with pink powder blush on apples of cheeks and liquid highlighter at the top of cheekbones.

Make Up Tips For Your Cheeks.

  • Make sure your application doesn’t look like two obvious lines – remember to blend, blend, blend.

  • You can add a touch of your usual blush (colors like peaches, pinks, etc) to the apple of your cheeks, but remember to keep it very light so it doesn’t look too much.

  • If you want your liquid highlighter to last all day, sweep some translucent loose powder on top of it.

  • Unfortunately, this is one facial feature we choose to ignoreand even if you do apply blush on or bronzing shimmer to it, we do not do it the right way. It is about time that we realized how important it is to apply blush on correctly, because there are very few among us who know how to apply it. It is horrifying when girls overdo the blush on part and look like blushing damsels or even worse, clowns! First of all,

    overdo your eyes and lips because it adds drama and glamor but with the cheeks, you have to be really careful not to mess your look.

    1. Everybody has a unique skin type and tone which you need to be aware of so that you are able to choose the right colors and type of blush on. People with dry skin should use cream blush on to add moisture and it is preferable that the rest skin types apply powder blush on.

    People with fairer skin have cool undertones and should use mauve or pink colors

    Those with warm undertones should use orange or warmer colors to highlight their cheeks while those with natural undertones –which falls in between both can use natural pinks.

    2. Use a medium sized round brush, swirl it in your blush on and dust off any excess powder. Smile widely and brush it lightly in circular motion on the apples of the cheeks. This gives a slightly blushed and glowing look which is great for the day. If you want to give a bit more color, add some more blush, dust off and brush it just under the cheek bone towards hairline. This gives an illusion of high cheekbones as it highlights the contours, adding a yummy look. You can also do this by sucking your cheeks in and applying on the hollows towards hairline.

    3. Blend it well so it doesn’t appear blotchy and keeps a uniform color on the cheeks. Remember to use clean brush to avoid contamination of skin by germs and do not use over the counter brushes because most of them have spiky bristles that can irritate the skin.

    4. Cream blushes should be dabbed on by the middle finger onto the cheek and cheek bone.

    Use the index and ring finger to blend the color

    use circular motion and blend it well so it doesn’t appear in spots.

    5. For a glitzy look, apply some gold or bronze shimmer to your cheek just under the eyes so you glow when you smile.

    6. If you have a round or full face, apply blush more on the cheek, near your hairline.

    To accentuate your cheek hollows, apply blush onto them. This will give a dramatic look to your high cheekbones.

    Good luck with it and remember that you always perfect your skills with practice, so never hesitate in experimenting with different colors and techniques.

    Practice, experiment and see which suits you best

    The point is to make your face look rosy and glowing.

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