Your Face Type & What Suits You

Your Face Type & What Suits You

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There are many different ‘standard’ facial shapes, and variations of each, but you should be able to determine which shape your face resembles most. That’s the first step to shopping with confidence, especially when you purchase jewelry online when there’s no opportunity to preview its looks.


Let’s Determine Your Face Shape


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The most common names for facial shapes are oval, pear, heart, square and roOval Facesund, but variations exist for each, and a few are known by two different names. The best way to determine the shape of your face is to pull your hair back so that your entire face, including the hairline, is visible.


Oval Faces

You are lucky if you are born with classic oval face! Oval face is neither too long nor too wide. If you have this face type, you can try most of the earrings. So, try almost any shape and style to decide in which one you look best. A cute style for you will spiral dangler earrings. However, what you should avoid are earrings, which are too long because these will make your face look elongated. You can choose from either long or short necklaces. However, if you have a long neck, then pick a short necklace.


  • Oval faces are widest across the temples and forehead.

  • Oval faces taper from the forehead down to a curved chin, and are about three-fourths as wide as they are long.

  • Oval has long been considered the ‘ideal’ face shape.


Pear Shaped Faces

  • Pear shaped faces are also known as triangle shaped faces.

  • Think of this face shape as the true shape of a pear, with a chin and jaw that are narrow, leading to wider cheeks and a forehead that’s wider still.


Heart Shaped Faces

you have small chin, wide forehead, and prominent cheekbones, you have heart shaped face. With your face teardrop, chandelier, circular, and triangular earrings, match the best. They will highlight your chin. If you have a heart shaped face, then you should avoid the earrings of the same shape, for instance, heart shaped hoops. An interesting style for you will be pyramid shaped earrings. Complement these earrings with a small chain in your neck.

  • Look for a narrow jawline and a small and pointed (but not terribly angular) chin.

  • The forehead is wider than the cheeks and the person may have a widow’s peak (a hairline with a v-shape at the center of the hairline).

  • Diamond shaped faces are similar, but more angular — lines are not as ‘soft.’


Square Shaped Faces

your jaw line and chin are of the same width then you have a square shaped face. From curved, drop to dangling earrings, all will suit your face. You should avoid wearing square and rectangular shapes. Add roundness to your face with hoops, long teardrops, or multi-layered danglers, which will give length to your face. If you are searching for a style that will elongate your face, then necklaces, which extend below the neckline of 28″ to 32″ inches, are for you.

  • The shape is truly similar to a square, with a wide jawline and forehead.

  • Oblong (sometimes called rectangular) face shapes have lines similar to square shaped faces, but are longer and more narrow.


Round Faces

You have a round face if the length of the face is equal to its width and outer curve is nearly in a circular shape. If you have, a round face then it’s best to settle for long and angular curved lines. This will add a little angle to your face. Long and dangling earrings are the best choices for women with round face. You can also go for square and rectangular shape earrings, as they will lessen the roundness of the face. Round faced women shouldn’t go for round earrings as they only end up emphasizing the roundness of the face. If you are searching for a style that will elongate your face, then necklaces, which extend below the neckline of 28″ to 32″ inches,  are for you. It will be a great choice to add definition to your face.

  • Round faces are widest at the cheekbones, with rounded jawlines and a short chin.

  • Foreheads are full and rounded.

Long Shapes

the length of your face is greater than the width of your face then you should avoid wearing long earrings. Long earrings will highlight the length of your face and make it look more elongated. The best style to suit you is elegant chandelier or simple studs. You can also choose circular or triangular earrings; they will add roundness to your face. In choosing a necklace, choker will be perfect for you especially if you have a long neck. 

Diamond Shape 

Wide cheekbone and a narrow jaw line are characteristic of diamond shaped face. You should choose short and wide styled earrings. Studs are simply great for you. However, you should avoid long or curved earrings. Earrings of same shape as your face should also be avoided. In necklace, choker can be a good choice for you, as it will soften and contrast the sharp angle of your chin.

 If You Can’t Determine Your Face Shape

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine our own face shapes by looking in a mirror, or even measuring its dimensions. Here’s a technique that can help:


  1. Grab your cell phone or digital camera and take a photo (hair still pulled back).

  2. Upload the photo to your computer and turn it into a grayscale image — taking out the color will help you focus on the actual shape of your face.

  3. If you’re still not sure, ask a friend to help you decide.


  4. Remember that faces are all unique, and many people are a blend of two different shapes.

Few Other Helpful Tips


Most people are subconsciously drawn to a complementary jewelry shape. You are used to looking at yourself everyday. Subconsciously you are drawn to certain shapes. Many times a hair stylist or a friend will try to impose a look on a bride complementing to themselves and not the bride. This happens without thinking. You are naturally drawn to what you like.


The perfect earring can light up your face.

  • An oval face can wear any shape earring. Keep the size of the earring in balance to the  your own size, whether you are petite or large. In keeping with the soft lines of your face, soft shapes such as pearls, tear drops, circles, and ovals are best.

  • A round face needs earrings with length to elongate it. A drop earring works best in shapes that are also soft like a teardrop.

  • An oblong face looks best with a button earring drawing the eye horizontally.

  • A heart shape face needs earrings that are wider at the bottom to balance a narrow chin. Shapes such as teardrops or inverted triangles or button earrings work well.

  • A diamond face shape can follow the same “rules” for an oval. But this face shape can carry a more dramatic design. Corners, points, and harder edges complement the angular face. Cut crystals are nice with the diamond face.

  • A drop earring, creating the look of length, complements the square face. 
Rectangular faces can do well with a button style, with lines in keeping with the lines of the face.

  • A triangular face shape is similar to a heart shape but with more prominent angles. Balance this face with width at the bottom.


Necklaces should complement the neckline of your outfit, the face shape and the detail of the bodice. A very ornate dress and dupatta can carry a more ornate jewelry selection. Lets consider each face shape individually with the necklace in mind.

  • An oval face can wear anything. Match the texture and designs in her gown when choosing a necklace.

  • A round face needs a necklace that adds length to her look. A longer or T-style necklace complements a round face. Stay away from chokers or short necklaces. Also stay away from large stones or pearls. You don’t want to add any visual thickness to the neck with a round face. A deep plunging neckline can carry a beautiful necklace and is great for a round face.

  • An oblong face can carry a choker style necklace well. This helps to break up the vertical line that is happening with an oblong face.

  • A heart shape face also looks great with a choker or a triple or double strand of pearls. With the heart face the chin is narrow. Creating fullness at the neck with the right necklace balances the wider eye and cheekbone area in the heart shaped face.

  • A diamond face shape is like the oval face shape but with corners. It can carry any style. Just keep it proportioned to the your size. Drop crystals look beautiful with a diamond face. 
Square faces need length and softness. A T-style or a simple strand of pearls that hang a little bit longer is perfect.

  • A rectangle face needs softening and width. Shorter necklaces work nicely.

  • A triangle face is a heart shape with corners and angles. Remember you can match the angles for impact or counterbalance them for softness. Stay away from necklaces that end with a point. A wider look balances the triangle face.

The neckline of the outfit, the face shape and the your own body all need to be taken into consideration when selecting jewelry. The right jewelry will flatter you; the wrong jewelry will just stand out. To help with your jewelry selections look to blending the lines of your face with the lines in the jewelry. To create counterbalance with the necklace and earrings look to your face shape and gown neckline.