If you’re scheduling on work out

If you’re scheduling on work out


If you’re scheduling on work out, or if you do it already,

Have you ever felt aching after a workout? This may be because you didn’t take time to stretch before the workout.

1. Before you start exercising, your muscles are usually tight.

2. To warm up and relax them, you must do some stretching exercises and as you do so, you’ll experience less tautness and pain afterwards.

3. Health experts state that stretching before working out is very significant.

4. You can reduce your chances of pulling muscles and help you to perform better.

5. The most important muscles that you need to stretch before your workout are your leg muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks, and calves.

6. Your legs are used a great deal when working out and stretching those muscles can greatly decrease your chances of injury or aching afterwards.

7. There are different ways you can stretch your muscles. To stretch your hamstrings, sit down, stretch your legs out, and bend over to touch the toes. Stretch the quadriceps, just stand up and clutch one foot and pull it up backward to you, bending slowly at the knee.

8. To stretch your calf muscles, bend your foot against the wall vertically and slowly leans forward. As you do so, you should feel the calf muscle stretch. Always stretch slowly and stop it when you feel it begin to hurt a little bit.

9. Your lungs are also muscles, so stretching them through deep breathing. You probably have felt the burning pain in your lungs after a long, hard run so do some deep breathing exercises. Take a deep breathe and exhale it slowly.

10. Remember that once you got a practice, you’ll use to and your muscles will be grateful to you. It doesn’t take long and it is surely worth it…

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