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Category: Medical

Sep 10

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes & Symptoms

Vitamin B12 can not be produce it itself, Vitamin B12 can mostly be deficient in vegans and vegetarians. Vitamin B12 another name Cobalmin is needed in the body to perform various functions like Nervous System and for the production of red blood cells to carry oxygen round via the protein known as haemoglobin. Vitamin B12 […]

Mar 28

Urine Tract Infection & Urine Culture For C/S

A urine culture is a test that can detect Urine Infection causing by bacteria in your urine to identify the germs that cause a urinary tract infection Urine tract infection (UTI’s). These Bacteria can enter the urinary tract through the urethra. In the environment of your urinary tract, these bacteria can grow rapidly and develop […]

Oct 19

پھٹکڑی سے علاج

1۔داد اورچنبل پھٹکری کو پیس کر پانی یاسرکہ میں ملاکر صبح وشام لگانے سے دور ہوجاتے ہیں۔سرکہ جلد کی بہترین دواہے اگر پھٹکری کے ساتھ ملاکرلگایاجائے تو دہرا فائدہ کرتاہے۔ 2۔خارش خارش دوطرح کی ہوتی ہے اور دونوں ہی صورتوں میں تکلیف دہ ہوتی ہے۔پھٹکری جلاکر راکھ بناکراسمیں ایک انڈہ کی سفیدی ملاکر مساج کرنے […]

Aug 02

کیسٹر آئل

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. The common name “castor oil”, from which the plant gets its name, probably comes from its use as a replacement for … Wikipedia   Ricinoleic acid: 85 – 95% Linoleic acid: 1 – 5% Oleic acid: 2 – 6% Α-Linolenic acid: 0.5 – 1% […]

Jul 27