40 + Makeup & Healthy Techniques

40 + Makeup & Healthy Techniques

We all love to look good & Younger, but when the age 40 start thinking negatively about our personality and looks, NO NO NO

Thats a totally wrong approach. just try a few steps to maintain your personality and looks.

What happen to 40 years old skin

Our skin becomes thinner, and wrinkles may appear. Some women who’ve never had acne in the past, may develop it around the time they turn 40. Skin cell reproduction slows down, and cells don’t replace each other as often as when we were younger. After 40, and sometimes even earlier, a woman’s skin tends to be dryer than it used to be. This occurs due to lower estrogen levels as we approach menopause. We also have to deal with brown spots, redness, and other coloration irregularities. Our eyebrows may get thinner. If you’ve frequented tanning beds in your younger days, or smoke, the likelihood that you will get wrinkles and skin coloration problems will be increased.

What You Should Do After 40

1. Plan: to spend more time on your face: What took you 10 minutes in your 30s should now take about 15 minutes.

Wash and Moisturize: You should wash your face once or twice a day with a gentle face cleanser. Use a daily moisturizer that contains SPF. Don't forget to moisturize at night, and don't forget to use a hydrating eye cream in addition to your moisturizer. It's more important now than ever.

2. Eyes: You will need to use an eyeshadow base or “primer” now to make sure that your shadow goes on evenly.

Remember that you can use concealer just on your inner eye. You don’t have to extend it all the way out in a “ring.” It looks more natural this way. Pro tip: Mix your concealer with a little eye cream for added hydration.

Don't get too dark with your eye makeup. Stick to cream eyeshadows and powders that are matte. Your days of glitter/shimmer are over. That stuff just accentuates wrinkles.

You can still be bold, just stay away from bright colors that make you look clownish. The trendy colors you used in your 20s probably won't look so good now. Move away from the pastel palettes and instead opt for browns and grays.

(On your top lid the waterline is just below the lash line and on the lower lid it is just above the lash line.) This will make your lashes look fuller and even if you don’t have lashes from chemo or whatever the reason may be, it helps to give the look of lashes. Of course top the lashes with LASH MAXIMIZER and several coats of MASCARA

3. Brows: Continue to shape and fill in your brows. Don’t round your brows or make them look like an upside down Nike swish. Filling in the brows and properly shaping them can instantly take five years off your face. Be sure to arch upward raising the eyebrow, meaning fill in along the top of the eyebrow and creating an arch there if you don’t have one – it will “lift” the face. Your arch should be 2/3 of the way across your eye .

4. Lips: Your lips should be soft and plump. Use a lip plumper — it doesn't have to be expensive, and it will help soften the lines around your lips that lead to feathering. Sally Hansen makes a lip plumper that many professional makeup artists use.

If you’re wearing lipstick, make sure you line your lips. Your liner should never be darker than your lipstick. If anything, make it a shade lighter.

5. Cheeks: The pros recommend using a light cream blush on the apples of your cheeks in your 40s, not powder. Continue to contour beneath your cheekbones with bronzer.

6. Face: Tinted moisturizers are a great option in your 40s. Don’t use really thick foundation, or foundations that are oil-free or matte — they will settle in your pores. Powder foundation can settle in wrinkles; use it with care.

If you have a lot of lines around your eyes, keep that area moisturized and plumped in order to keep powder from settling.

As you age, the melanin in your skin changes. This means that you might need a different color foundation/powder in your 40s than you did when you were younger.

ONLY use powder where you need it. A loose water-based powder is best for the 40 and up crowd. Remember that your skin is drier now than it used to be — you don't need as much powder as you once did.

7. Highlight: Using a highlighter will give your face an added glow. Dab a dot of highlighter and blend at the inner corners of your eye, at the corners of your mouth, over and under your brow, over your cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose.

8. Neck: What goes on your face should also go on your neck, and even on your chest if it's exposed. Your neck and chest can give away your age if you let them.

9. Hydrate: It's more important than ever now to drink lots of water. This will keep your skin from getting dehydrated — very important in your 40s.

10. Stay current: The makeup tips you used in your 20s are probably outdated now. Ask your friends for an honest assessment of your hair and makeup, and what you can do to update your look. Even better, schedule an appointment with a professional makeup artist (not a cosmetic counter girl) to learn what looks best on you now.

11.Stop Smoking: Those wrinkles you see around her mouth are keepers. The skin contains elastin and collagen, which breaks down and thickens when you smoke. Smoking causes circulation to slow, and dries the skin out. It can also cause skin, and other cancers. Just don’t smoke! Quit now. Once you’ve developed wrinkles like the lady has above, you will require botox or other interventions to correct the damage.

12.Don’t over paint: Learn how to put on makeup appropriately for a woman your age, and in accordance with what condition your skin is in. In women over 40, less is more. You aren’t 20 anymore, so you shouldn’t try to wear the same kind, and amount of makeup you did when you were that age. Too much makeup on a woman over 40 can make her look even older.

13.A Pretty Smile on your Face:

One and last important technique to look graceful is to put pretty smile on your lips to inhence your personality.

Makeover Techniques

1. Know your colors

Determine whether you’re winter, summer, spring,or fall. You may remember when this was the hot thing to do and it still should be. Wearing colors that suit will make you look brighter, fresher, younger, and bring out your best. Your season is one of the factors that also determines the colors to use on your face, particularly for your eyes and your lips. However, please note: as you age, your colors may flow. If you were a winter when you were 18, you might be a fall at 48 —depending on skin tone and hair shade!

2. Go softer
Don’t use the heavy streak of Cleopatra black eyeliner that may have worked in the past. Ninety percent of the time, the color used in your brows should be the color used as the first contour to shape your eye.
3. Remember your roots, please

You want eyelashes to frame your eyes, not spider webs. To achieve this, apply mascara to the roots only to give a lustrous look and pull the brush up and out of the eye to open it up. Don’t ‘ski’ down the top of the lashes.

4. Outside only
Don’t use mascara on the inner eyelashes (closest to your nos!). This tends to draw attention to the heaviness in the eye bag
5. Glow with blush
Don’t use blush to shape your face as you may have in the past. Instead,dust lightly on the apple of the cheeks to give a healthy glow.
6. Careful when you line
When you are lining your lips, make sure that the pencil is either on the inside of the lip outline, on the lip, or that the pencil just skims the outside lip line for the most natural look.
7. Watch the Frosted Shadows
Frosted eye shadows are fine, but only at night. Use where the candlelight will enhance andnot make it gleam too harshly.
8. Play up the Positive
Accent Your Choose your best feature and accent it. Select either your lips or your eyes, but not both.
9. Be sure to wear Foundation
Foundation not only evens skin tone; it can make the years fade away. Use it to soften areas that have shadows.
10. Reduce Eye heaviness
Use a single light tone of neutral shadow in a light wash from the lashes to brow bone to reduce heaviness around the eyes.

A few Advises

  • Don’t over-do foundation. It’s meant to cover and even out the skin, not to change the color of the skin. Get your color from blush, bronzer, eye shadows, etc.
  • Listen to your skin – some days you may have to change the amount of moisturizer you use or what type of foundation you are using depending on how your skin feels that day.
  • Don’t look at old photos of yourself (like ones from your 20’s) and want to look like that again. Doing new things with your makeup makes you look more modern and young.
  • Get out of the same lipstick shade rut (to which I added – they discontinued it for a reason!)
  • Use Skin Flash in the parenthesis area of your face – from nose to mouth, but PRESS it in with your fingers otherwise you’ll rub it off.

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