Soft & Smooth Feets

Soft & Smooth Feets


Home Remedies For  Soft & Smooth Feets

Healthy Feet Start With Good Hygiene. Thoroughly Clean And Scrub Your Feet With Soap And Water When You Bathe. Afterward, Dry Them Well. Fungal Organisms Love Moisture, So Depriving Them Of Any Wetness Will Make It More Difficult For Them To Thrive.

To Help Keep Your Feet Dry And Healthy, Wear Shoes Made Of Leather To Allow Air To Circulate. If You’re Prone To Excessively Sweaty Feet, Look For Shoes Made Of Mesh Fabrics For Maximum Breathability.

Be Sure To Wear Shower Shoes At The Gym, In Locker Rooms, And At Public Pools. These Places Tend To Be Breeding Grounds For Fungi That Can Lead To Infections

Wash Your Feet Daily. First Step To Have Soft Feet Is To Wash Your Feet Nicely, Cut Your Nails Properly Specially Of Toes And Clean Your Nails. Make Sure You Have Clean Feet.

  Get Rid Of Dead Skin On Feet. One Should Get Rid Of His/Her Feet's Dead Skin Because It Makes You Legs Look Bad. You Can Exfoliate Feet By Following These Two Ways.
One Is To File Off Dead Skin With The Help Of Scrubs Etc.
Another Is To Fill A Bowl Of Warm Water And Dip Your Feet In And Relax Until All Your Dead Skin Is Removed. This Step Makes Our Feet Smooth And Clean.

  Massage Your Feet And Apply Lotion. Once You Have Removed Your Dead Skin Than You Must Massage It Properly And Apply Any Lotion Or Moisturizer Like Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly Etc On Feet And Then Cover It By Socks And Then Go To Bed.

  In The Morning When You Get Up Remove The Socks And Wash Your Feet To Get Rid Of Excessive Lotion And Then Notice Your Feet. You Will Find That Feet Skin Has Become Ultra Soft. Follow This Step In Alternate Days To Makes Your Feet Your Smooth And Silky.

  For Women To Make Your Feet Look More Attractive, You Can Apply Some Nail Polish According To Season Colour.

Now These Are The Basic Steps, One Can Follow Every Day And Get Soft And Attractive Feet As You Want.

To Follow These Above Steps You'll Need Following Things Like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Or Any Lotion Of Your Choice, A Pair Or Two Of Socks, Scrub To Remove Dead Skin And A Bowl With Warm Water.

  Take Some Aloe Vera Gel And Rub It Gently To Your Feet. Anti Oxidants And Moisture Present In Aloe Gel Will Soothe Your Skin And Make It Ultra Soft.

  Take Honey And Add Lemon Juice To It. This Mixture Helps To Remove Dead Skin Cells From Feet And Provide Lots Of Moisture. Follow This Remedy Twice A Week For Getting Beautiful Feet. One Can Also Add Honey To Milk And Keep Feet In It For 10 Minutes Daily For Getting Rid Of Dry And Crack Feet.

  Daily Massage Olive Oil Or Coconut Oil To Feet. These Oils Contain Vitamin E And Other Helpful Natural Extracts That Makes Skin Soft.


Fair Feet

Most Of Us Want Fair Feet. We Have A Very Easy Home Remedy. Soak Your Feet In Warm Milk And Wash It Off With Warm Water After 20 Minutes. You Can Add Rose Petals Or Rose Water To Milk To Make Your Feet Smell Beautiful. The
Lactic Acid In Milk Helps Improve Texture Of Your Skin.

Use White Distilled Vinegar. Fill A Bucket With Just Enough Hot Water To Cover Feet And One Cup Of Vinegar Microwaved For One Minute. Soak Them Until The Mixture Has Cooled. Then Use A Pumice Stone To Exfoliate The Rough Spots And Pat Feet Dry. Then Slather With Lotion And Cover With Some Type Of Petroleum Jelly (Even Neosporin). Then Put On Socks.  Either Do This At Bedtime Or Before Go To Work, So That They Are Being Moisturized All Day. It Feels Weird At First, But They Stay Soft. Vinegar Is Good For Killing Fungus And Other Yucky Foot Things Too.  Also Use Vinegar To Clean My Face To Eliminate Acne (Do Not Get Near Eyes). Vinegar Is Great For A Lot Of Things!

Daily maintenance

1- Do clean your feet with a foot brush daily
2- Change your scrubber/foot brush at least once in two months. Also do not share your foot brush with anybody to avoid bacteria buildup
3- Give your feet a moisturising massage daily after bath and before you go to bed at night
4- If you have a feet that are more prone to cracks, then do apply a medicated cream and sleep with socks on

Soak and massage your feet in a glorious foot bath to relieve tired muscles and soften hard, dry skin.


  • Plastic tub, such as one you might use for dishes

  • Marbles

  • Hot or cold water (This is a choice. I find hot more relaxing.)

  • Fragrance oil or scented bubble bath

  • Towel

  • Body or foot lotion


  1. Place enough marbles into the tub to just cover the bottom. Add water at an appropriate temperature for you. The water level should be just high enough to cover your ankles.

  2. Mix in your scent of choice.

  3. Place feet into the bath and gently roll them over the marbles. Try picking up and releasing marbles with your toes to relax your feet.

  4. Soak feet for at least fifteen minutes, then dry and cream them

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