How To Spend Your Weekend…!!!

How To Spend Your Weekend…!!!

Are you bored every weekend,After a tiring week with a busy schedule,you will almost most certainly want to relax and enjoy yourself.Don’t know what to do or how to spend your weekend? Read these tips. not knowing what to do?

  • Following these tips and organizing your free time in the weekends will get stress off your mind and make Mondays less harsh and the week will flow until the other weekend! Remember, don’t leave homework/assignments for the last second! You can get in trouble!


“Planning makes people more effective, and doing it before the week starts means you can hit Monday ready to go, and means you’ll give clear directions to the people who work for you, so they will be ready to go, too,” Vanderkam says.

Trunk agrees. She says successful people plan their month and year because “if you get stuck on short-term lists you don’t get anything big accomplished.”

Discover your inner Picasso

Art teachers say drawing is a skill any of us can be taught – even if you struggle to draw a stick figure. Ask at your local art supply store for courses or, if you’d like to do something a little more adventurous, take a life drawing class. Some even include a night of cabaret and burlesque entertainment.

Make time for family and friends.

This is especially important for those who don’t spend much time with their loved ones during the week.

Call a friend.

See what they’re doing. Having someone around makes most activities so much more enjoyable.


Everyone needs to do it, and if you can’t work out 4 to 5 days during the workweek, you need to be active on weekends to make up for some of that time,takes walks in the park,outdoor cycling in the warmer months.


Check out if any movies are going on or if there are any movies available for renting.

Check your local calendar.Maybe there are events going in your town or city (or nearby) that you can go to.

Go shopping.

Spend some time on the computer chatting or playing games.

Pursue a passion.

“There’s a creative director of a greeting card company who went back to school to pursue an MFA because of her love of art,” Kurow says. “Pursuing this passion turned into a love of poetry that she now writes on weekends.”

“Successful people make time for what is important or fun,” Egan adds. “They make space for activities that add to their life balance.”


The most successful people avoid e-mail for a period of time, Vanderkam says. “I’m not saying the whole weekend, but even just a walk without the phone can feel liberating. I advocate taking a ‘tech Sabbath.’ If you don’t have a specific religious obligation of no-work time, taking Saturday night to mid-day Sunday off is a nice, ecumenical time that works for many people.”



Why not be nice? Volunteering can be fun sometimes. In fact you may meet new friends!“The volunteer work provides a balance to the heavy analytical work she does all week and fulfills her need to be creative — she designs the promotional material for the nonprofit.”

Spend time with family.

Sometimes this can be boring, but it’s worth getting to know your family members better. Ask lots of open ended questions and ask them to tell you stories about their past, your family heritage and things they’ve most enjoyed doing in life.

Bake food for a neighbor or friend who isn’t well.

Pop around and cheer them up and leave them something delicious to eat.


“It has been demonstrated that successful people find great satisfaction in giving back,” Cohen says. “Board membership, for example, also offers access to other successful folks.”

“Humans are social creatures, and studies of people’s experienced happiness through the day finds that socializing ranks right up there, not too far down below sex,”

People watch.

Visit a cafe and sit down to simply observe people. Be sure to buy a few drinks and a snack too, or you’ll be asked to leave. If you don’t want to spend money, sit in the park or somewhere public and observe from there; bring your own snacks.


Get inspired. Having some time alone to express yourself creatively can get stress off your mind. Many people find listening to music while drawing/writing/dancing/sculpting/etc inspiring. Find the right songs, set them on a playlist (so that they can go one after another) and just let inspiration flow.


Classes and private instruction offer a bespoke approach to insight and peace of mind, Cohen says. “How better to equip yourself for success in this very tough world?”


Successful people know that time is too precious to be totally leisurely about leisure, Vanderkam concludes. “You’re not going to waste that time by failing to think about what you’d like to do with it, and thus losing the weekend to TV, puttering, inefficient e-mail checking and chores. If you don’t have a busy workweek, your weekend doesn’t matter so much. But if you’re going from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, it certainly does.”

Make a blog for you and your friends.

Who knows it could turn out to be cool with your friends?

Do crafts or artwork.

From scrapbooking to painting, there are lots of artistic things you could try.

Self improvement

Do your homework. Relaxing is a lot easier when work isn’t hanging over your head.

Clean your room. Although it can be hard and tedious work, that sense of satisfaction from a neat and organized room is unbeatable.

Do personal grooming. Give your hair a hot oil treatment, trim your toenails and exfoliate your skin.

Clean out your wardrobe. Donate clothes that don’t fit anymore or that you no longer want to wear. Work out what replacements you need to buy or make.

Learn a new language. Decide which language interests you most, download an app or podcasts and start learning. Find some online penpals to exchange messages with in another language.

Lose yourself in a new place. One of my favorite things to do is go to a place I’m unfamiliar with – having just a bit of cash in my pocket – and just wander around to see what I discover. I end up eating at interesting places, visiting strange shops and educational museums, and I often find something memorable.

If you do this, make sure you have your smartphone ready for pictures, as you’ll often find lots of things to capture. A bunch of pictures from a day spent wandering can make for a nice scrapbook or social media post.

Think about what things you like doing and which are relaxing and quiet.Some ideas are:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Listening to music(but not too loud!)

  • Watching TV or watching DVDs.

  • Going on the computer

  • You could read some fiction books,or books that have different facts and pictures in them. You could write a collection of short stories or start writing a long novel. Choose some catchy tunes you like. If there’s nothing good on TV,then you could choose a DVD\s to keep you occupied. The computer has all sorts of fun things to do! You can chat to your friends,listen to music,visit your fave websites and look at and write articles on any social Network or Media.