Dark Complextion Colours

Dark Complextion Colours

If You Have Dark Complextion. Nothing To Worry About. Thanx The Creator Who Created Alot Of Colors To Think. Those With A Darker Complexion Need To Find Clothes That Give Contrast To Their Skin Without Being Outrageously Bold.

Your Top Colours Include Light Blue, Pink, Grey And Cream; These Subtle Shades Deliver Good Contrast Without Piercing Your Retinas Or Washing You Out. Avoid Shades Of Black, Navy And Deep Brown That Closely Match Your Specific Skin Colour Wherever Possible.

What To Wear

Wear Dark Colors To Convey Authority And Power. Some Dark Colors Include Black And Navy Blue. Try Wearing A Blue That Matches The Color Of The Veins In Your Wrist.

Wear Pastel Colors To Seem Relaxed And Friendly. Some Pastel Colors Include Light Green And Light Purple.

Mix Colors To Convey Creativity. Make Sure To Combine Colors That Match And Compliment Each Other Well, Such As Purple And Red.

Wear Reds For All Of Your Personality Traits. Reds Tend To Vary On The Message They Send Across. Burgundy Conveys Sophistication, While Blue-Red Conveys Assertiveness. An Orange-Red Would Be Worn By Someone Who Is Lively. Reds Or Blacks That Are The Same Color As Your Skin When It's Flushed Look Very Romantic.

Wear Pinks To Convey An Open Heart. People Who Wear Pink, Regardless Of Gender, Appear Approachable And Capable Of Loving Others.

Wear Whites To Symbolize A New Beginning. Wearing Whites Can Symbolize Cleaning And Offer A Fresh, Bright New Outlook. Whites, Browns, Or Beiges That Match Closely (But Not Exactly) To Your Skin Tone Look Fantastic!

Wear Yellows To Display Warmth And Optimism. This Color Carries The Same Healing Qualities That Are Associated With The Sun, And Are Associated With Optimism And Light.

Wear Oranges To Display High Energy. Orange Is A Bold Color That Can Make You Feel Quite Playful. It's Also A Color That Has A Great Deal Of Sexual Energy To It.


Colors That Suits Dark Skin


White Is A Colour That Looks Beautiful On Any Complexion. But The Contrast Of White On Dark Skin Is Particularly Amazing.


This Is One Of The Colours That Does Fire Up Fair Complexion But Looks Striking On Dusky Women. Cream Is A Light Colour And Looks Great On The Background Of Dark Skin.

 Teal Green

Teal Green Is A Very Rare Low-Intensity Shade Of Green. This Colour Looks Much Better On Dark Skinned Women As Compared To Other Shades Of Green.


Conventionally, Red Is Not Supposed To Be A Colour For Dusky Women. But It Is Now Time To Change The Rules. Red Flatters Dark Skin If It Is Worn In The Right Way. This Blood Red Mini Dress For Example Is Definitely A 'Hit'.


There Are Many Types Of Yellow. While Neon Shades Of Yellow May Not Flatter Dark Skin, But Sunflower Yellow Looks Very Bright On Dusky People.

 Cobalt Blue

Just Like Yellow And Green, Blue Has Many Shades. Deeper Shades Of Blue Like Royal Blue Or Midnight Blue May Not Suit Dark Women. But Cobalt Blue Looks Bright And Chirpy On Them.

Sea Green

Dark Green Shades Are Not Really The Best Shades For Dusky Women. They Should Try More Vibrant Shades Like Sea Green. It Also Depends On The Dress To A Certain Extent.


Until Recently, Grey Was Not Seen As A Colour At All. It Was Considered To Be Dull And Light. But Grey Is A Very Fashionable Colour Now And Dusky Women Look Stunning In It.


Mauve Is One Of The Rare Colours That Looks Better On Dark Complexion. And If You Have A Lovely Dress Designed By Tarun Tahiliani In Mauve Then It Will Look Good.


Black Is A Colour That Can Look Good On Absolutely Any Complexion. But Dark Skinned Women Should Not Wear Dirty Shades Of Black. Jet Black Or Shimmering Black Is Ideal For Them.


Beige Is Again A Very Light English Colour. While It Looks All Right On Fair People, It Looks Significantly Better On Dusky Women. Always Wear Western Outfits In Beige Colour. Reserve The Bright Colours For Your Indian Outfits.

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