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 Healing Your Lips

Lips crack and dry out more quickly in the winter. Outside it’s cold, dry and windy, and inside, it’s even drier, especially if you’ve got the heat going around the clock.


Healing Herbal Chapped Lip Balm Recipe


1 tablespoon shea or cocoa butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
2 tablespoons beeswax or carnauba wax (vegan option)
30 drops calendula extract
1 teaspoon raw honey or aloe vera gel
5 drops vitamin E oil (optional)
4 drops geranium or chamomile essential oil (or mixture of both; optional)



Shred or grate the wax and place it in a small double boiler pot with the butters, olive oil, jojoba oil and calendula. Gently heat until wax melts, stirring frequently. Add honey or aloe and mix well. Remove from heat and add essential oils and vitamin E. Mix well and pour into containers. Reused small lip balm tins are great as are small glass jars (think marmalades from a recent hotel stay). You can also use a funnel to pour into a used lip balm tube. Leave uncovered until cooled.

You can experiment with the recipe using different carrier oils such as almond, apricot kernel and coconut. Essential Oils can also dramatically change a lip balm recipe. Generally though, they can be drying on skin, and are not recommended if you’re battling chapped lips. But once summer rolls around, try spicing it up a bit with citrus or mint scents.

Herbal Remedies


Use locally grown for benefits to protecting the body for area allergens. Honey has a natural anti-bacterial agent. When used with Vaseline the lips have protection and healing in one. Smooth honey on the lips and allow the honey to dry for a few seconds, then add the Vaseline and leave on the lips for 15 minutes to soak into lips. Use warm water to remove. Try this remedy for 3 days to repair chapped lips.

Coconut Oil

 Oils are natural moisturizer and unless one does not like the taste, coconut oil smoothed on the lips several times a day is a great way to replenish the lips.


When fresh cucumbers are in season, taking a slice and rubbing on chapped lips has been found to treat chapped lips and help in healing

Aloe Vera Juice and Gel

 Aloe Vera has many healing properties and has been used for centuries to heal the skin and the body. Put a small amount of the juice or gel on the lips daily for reap the healing power of aloe. If there is an aloe plant available, take a spear and using the juice straight from the plant is the best.

Combine olive oil with aloe Vera juice is another mixture that heals the lips. The combination of the two with the moisturizing properties of the olive oil and the healing properties of aloe Vera can be used daily to heal the chapped lips and keep them healthy after the chapped issue is resolved.

lining of lips












Applying a lipstick perfectly on your lips is not an easy job. It needs some effort and practice.Lipstick makes you to look younger, beautiful, elegant and gorgeous. It helps in giving your lips and bigger and bolder look.


how to apply lipstic









Tips to make your lipstick does not overflow

  • Apply lipstick with a brush and gently contours, make moving your lips so that the lipstick is properly applied, will prevent you from putting too much in applying it directly to the tube.

  • You can rinse the brush and avoid putting saliva on your tube of lipstick. Also take a small ice clear to see in order to spread out and not skid.

How To Apply Lipstic:


The Lip Scrub

When it comes to How to apply lipstick correctly,you need to purchase a lip scrub from market. Scrub your lips with a few drops of water and rose water. Massage it in a circular motion and let it sit on the lips for a while. It can exfoliate the dull cells of your lips and make them a brighter and smooth. Avoid putting on heavy make up with a dark color lipstick because it can make you to look clownish. Those who have cracked or dry lips can also apply lip balm or Vaseline before wearing lipstick. You can also use a homemade scrub with sugar and water. Make a paste of these and rub on your lips with a tooth brush.


Usine A Concealer

In Next Phase of How to apply lipstick correctly, you need to block out the natural color of your lips by using a foundation or concealer. Dab a foundation on your lips by using your finger tips. This can help your lip shade to stand out even more than before.


Lip Liner

you need to choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick. Draw a line with lip liner carefully around your lips. Pay attention to cupid bow especially if you want to add more definition. Those who do not have any cupid bow can draw it with lip pencil.


Filling & Brushing Your Lips

How to apply lipstick correctly, fill in your upper and lower lips with the same lip liner so that lipstick can stay for more time. In fifth step, pick up the lipstick and apply the color starting from the center and moving towards the corners. For those who a more precise application, lip brush can be helpful. Move the brush vertically to get a more professional result. After adding the first coat, you can also darken your lipstick by applying a second one. Apply a little gloss in the end on top of your lips to get a shiny look.


Blot Your Lips

you need to blot your lips to keep it off your teeth and to last longer. Fold a tissue and blot your lips by placing them between upper and lower lips. Apply a coat of lipstick and gloss again. Do not forget to dab a little powder on tissue paper before blotting your lips. Those who want to get plump lips, to need to apply lip liner outside your natural lip line.

How to keep your lipstick all day

  • After applying your lipstick carefully, take a tissue and squeeze it between your two lips to remove excess lipstick on you lips.

  • Choose a lipstick long lasting so that it does not run too much and do not put too much, it is useless especially if it is a very bright color.

  • Applied and held it throughout the day and you will not need to submit in the day, or turn it into a very small light with your brush so that the lipstick is not too flashy and that not fade too quickly.