Shroo Allah Ke Naam Se Joh Bara Meherbaan Aur Nihayat Rehem Farmane Wala Hai.


Har Taan Aamaiz Ishaartain Karne Wale Chughal Khor Ki Kharabi Hai.


Joh Maal Jama Karta Aur Us Ko Gin Gin Kar Rakhta Hai.


Aur Khayal Karta Hai Ke, Us Ka Maal Us Ki Hamesha Ki Zindaga Ka Moajjab Hoga.


Har Gizz Nahi Wo Zaroor Huttama Main Daala Jaye Ga.


Aur Tum Kia Samjhe Huttama Kia Hai?


Wo Khuda Ki Bharkaayee Hui Aag Hai.


Joh Diloun Par Ja Lipte Gi.


Aur Wo Is Main Band Kar Diye Jaayen Ge.


Yaani Aag Ke Lambe Lambe Satoonoun Main.

Originally posted 2014-07-17 04:34:54.

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