Balochi Culture and Dress:

Balochi Culture and Dress:

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The Balochi tradition and customs are imposed by tribal laws. The people are known for their spirit of tranquillity and hospitality. They are very important for the Baloch people as it has enabled them to keep their cultural identity alive.

Balochi women is more decent and is the interesting part of their culture. They wear a loose dress and pants. The work done on their clothes is very sophisticated and also needle work is done with different colors to make the dress attractive and beautiful, and there are large pockets made on the front of the dress. Needle work is done basically on their dresses on the sleeves and the shirt. The dress of balochi people is unique as compared to other cultures. The balochi costume varies from Iran to Pakistan. The villages have houses made of mud, which are really attractive for the tourists.
Gold and jewellery is an essential part of their tradition. Heavy jewellery is worn by the women of Baluchistan such as necklaces and bracelets. Baloch people are culturally and traditionally regarded as secular

Furthermore one these two major religious festivals, Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fiter. People adorn their houses, wear new dresses, cook special dishes and visit each other.
Eid-Meladun-Nabi is another religious festival. It is a celebration of the Holy Prophet’s birthday.

Balochi culture day is celebrated on 2 march, and is really different from other nations in clothing and music. The other cultural thing in Balochi culture is ‘Do chapi’ in which the men gather around in a special place and dance around in a circle. They wear decent clothes and do clapping with the movement of foot.