Car Temporing/Two times registration on a single chassis number

Car Temporing/Two times registration on a single chassis number

Honda Accord

FREE TIPS for buying a used CAR in PAKISTAN:

If you’re one of the pakistani buying a used car, you are probably among the many who will experience the anxiety that goes with it, not to mention the pressure and lack of trust often associated with dealerships and some people trying to hide original facts about the car they would like to sell. Buyers should be ready to examine vehicles using an inspection checklist. When you decide to buy a used car in Pakistan, first find out the model, which best suites your wallet and your needs. You should also think about what kind of vehicle you would need depending on size of your family, mood of driving, road conditions in your city etc.
A . How will the car be used ?
B. Who will be driving this car ?
C. What feaures best suit your needs ?
D. How much you can afford to spend ?

5) General Verifications and legal issues:

Check the engine plate on the car corresponds with that given on the registration documents and make sure that it has not been tampered with or changed in any way. Make sure that the seller is the real owner of car. Match the registration book with ID card of the seller. It is recomended to go for a car with single owner.

Important Questions to ask to seller:

1) Why are you selling the car? Check if the seller gets nervous with this question.
2) Without letting the owner look in to the mileage meter, ask him how many mileage are there. If you are first buyer, he might have forgotten how much mileage he has tempered or simply said “Ustaad jee ! Mileage thallay kar diyo…. waichnee hai”
3) Was the vehicle ever involved in an accident? Most critical question. Vehicles that have been in collisions are prone to more problems.
4) Ask if he is looking to get rid of it quickly. This may help you in negotiating a better deal or a reason for quick selling due to any problem.
5) What is the price, and if it is negotiable.

This is must for every car purchaser to get

 CPLC clearance

what is


The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee commonly known as CPLC, a brainchild of the then Governor Sindh, Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim is a non-political statutory institution, operationally independent and managed by dedicated and concerned citizens offering their honorary services. It was initially established at 4 Police Stations vide the Commissioner’s Administrative order No. HMS/JUB-1/10(982)89 dated 31.08.89. Subsequently, a notification was issued by the Sindh Government amending the Police Rules vide notification No. VIII (3)/SOJ/90 dated 15/04/90, to institutionalize the C.P.L.C. concept.


learn the article given below


Lahore City Division Anti Vehicles Lifting Staff (AVLS) on Monday arrested two members of the Ijaz Ali Khan gang including its ringleader Ijaz Ali Khan and Khawaja Tehseen Mustafa, data operator Excise Office, Kasur, involved in fake registration and preparing bogus documents of stolen vehicles after tempering, and recovered six cars from their possession. The criminals have confessed to abovementioned crimes during preliminary interrogation.
According to details, on directive of Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Aslam Tareen, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigation Zulfiqar Hameed directed Superintendent of Police (SP) CRO Sajjad Ahmad Manj to take action against car thief gangs. Manj constituted a special team under supervision of AVLS Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Saleem Mukhtar Butt and consisting of Incharge AVLS Saddar Division Sub-Inspector (SI) Mehdi Hassan and others. The police team collected particulars of the Ijaz Ali Khan gang and arrested the culprits.

The working procedure of the criminals was that after tempering engine and chassis number of stolen vehicles, they registered vehicles and prepared bogus documents with help of staff of Excise Office District (EDO) Kasur and sold them at cheaper prices. A special team had also been constituted for arresting the remaining culprits who are still at large. Tareen has announced cash prizes and certificates for the police team including SI Muhammad Anwar, Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Amjad Ali, Head Constable Muhammad Ismail, Aftab Noor, Constable Muhammad Shafique, Abdul Ghafoor, Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Imran and Driver Constable Qamar Zaman.

  • How to varify odometer of Japanese Imported cars

Odometer shows the mileage of a car. World differenciate between speedo meter, which shows speed during a drive and odometer that records the distance a car travels. In Pakistan, generally “meter” is used for odometer.

It is a reality that odometer is tempered worldwide for used cars in order to uplift the car value. Pakistan is not a well-documented society so finding out the tempered-odometer in Pakistan is pretty hard. As for the Japanese imported used cars, there are several ways through which you can find out the real condition of odometer. 

Option 1. Through Inspections
Countries who do care about quality and roadworthyness of cars being imported have put a condition of obtaining a pre-export inspection document which includes the complete inspection of odometer, body and engine condition. There is no such standards available in Pakistan. If you are so careful and want to save your investment, you can ask for an “inspection” from Autolog Pakistan. You much keep two things in mind. 1) car should be ordered from Japan and it has not been shipped yet 2) It may cost you PKR 20,000 extra. 

Option 2. Through Export Certificate
If car has already been imported then option 1 will not work. You will have a very easy way to judge an approximate meter reading at the time of last registration in Japanese Transport Department. Your current odometer reading must be more than that. But of course it is not perfect.
In case you do not understand what written on export certificate, contact us, we will provide you translated export certificate in English or Urdu

This is worth of indicate here that meter reading may have a little bit difference once you receive vehicle after custom clearance. That is very much possible. This is not the point of concern. The point of concern is that if meter reading is less than the written on Export Certficiate, one must believe that the meter has been surely tempared.